Chá preto Akbar Gold black tea, 100x2g aluminium foil envelope 200g, for HORECA


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Peso (g) 200g
Composição Chá preto
Tipo de embalagem Chá preto em saquinhos
Bolsas de chá Envelope de alumínio
Coleção Coleção dourada de chá
Código de barras 5014176002053

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Black tea Akbar Gold, 100x2g aluminium foil envelope 200g

Broken-leaf tea AKBAR «GOLD» in individual foil envelopes is the perfect offer for your guests. Hotels, restaurants, cafes (HoReCa) will appreciate the convenience of this tea and it's presentable.
Akbar Gold is a blend of the finest small leaf Ceylon tea grown between 4000 and 6500 feet in the mountain range of Ceylon where the air is crisp and pure. As a result it has its pleasing aroma, bright colour and rich smooth flavour.

Black tea

Logo ‘Lion’ on the packaging:

How to brew:
Place one tea bag in a cup. Add fresh boiling water. Leave it to infuse for at least 3 minutes. Add sugar, milk or lemon if desired.

For iced tea. Prepare hot tea at double strength and pour into ice filled glasses (melting ice will dilute to serving strength). Serve it with sugar, lemon, lime or mint to taste.

Tea Grade :


Storage Conditions:
Avoid placing it in the sun or near heat sources. Store far away from anything with a strong odor. Avoid storing tea in humid areas.

Shelf life:
of 3 years from the date of manufacture

Import in Portugal:
Rusomar de Sol S. L.

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